Small and elegant fire grate or log holder.
This wrought iron, with welded back legs, fireplace grate dates from the 19th century. It’s beautifully made and decorated with nice brass Rococo style ornaments and scrolled front ends.

Great condition, can be used in a real fire or as a decorative piece.

Height: 15.36 in. (39 cm)
Width: 20.87 in. (53 cm)
Depth: 16.54 in. (42 cm)

Info Firegrates:
Firegrates, fire baskets or fireplace grates have, besides the decorative function, a lot of benefits.
It raises the fire of the floor which improves the air circulation and reducing the distance to the top of the hearth. This all is beneficial to the draft and it also protect the floor from the heat.
A firegate is safer in use because it can easily be loaded from the top without the worry of a log falling or rolling of the fire.
When you fireplace is not in use a firegrate decoratively fills the otherwise empty and void space. We always have a selections of antique firegrates in stock. Let us know if you have any questions or looking for something special.

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